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Welcome to our blog site for the golf DTS. We are excited to launch our first gDTS in YWAM on March 2, 2014. The location will be Phoenix, AZ, USA. Phoenix is such a key location for golf in North America with a rich history and many golf opportunities.

We invite the world to come to this gDTS. YWAM runs focued DTS's all over the world and we're thrilled that golf is now part of the unique line up. Spread the word. The golf world is very influential and our desire is the make disciples who know God and want to make Him known.

The special golf culture of this 5-6 month school will provide a fun atmosphere of building relationships, improving golf skills and learning more about following Jesus in all areas of life.

Come join us! We're not only looking for students but want to network further with others in the Body of Christ who have a similar vision.

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