Golf Quiet Time

Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice." Jn 10:16

Meeting with God on the course can be a wonderful experience. A friend of mine told me not long ago that his best times with God are on the golf course, especially at St. Andrews in Scotland.

"God's voice is so clear out here", he told me as we walked up to the first tee. It was a special day and I never forgot that conversation nor the smile on his face.

Sometimes the best place to hear God's voice will be in a surrounding that brings you the most comfort, peace and attention focus. If you love golf, a golf course becomes like a home for you. It's a comfortable place. It's a familiar place.

Next time you're out on the course, take the time to not just focus on the direction your ball went but listen to what new direction God wants to give you. You have over 4 hours. Enjoy the quiet time. God has much to say!

By the way, if you couldn't quite see the direction of your ball off the tee, it probably went into the rough! We'll talk about "rough" next week. 

Until then....keep it on the green!

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